BF Suma ZaminoCal Plus – 60 Capsules

American Amino Acid Chelating Technology

What is BF Suma Zaminocal Plus Capsules?

BF Suma Zaminocal is a golden formulation providing Ca, Mg, Zinc and Se at the same time. Total absorption rate is higher than any other common calcium supplements for about 60 times.

Calcium and zinc are essential factors to build our healthy body, not only for babies, but also for adults, aged people and pregnant women. Calcium is is important for bone and teeth formation. It is also necessary for chemical reactions involving muscular and nerve activity. Zinc aids normal growth and wound healing.
It also functions in the sense of taste and your appetite.

Characteristics Of Amino Acid Chelated Calcium:

  • Small molecule calcium
  • Avoid being destroyed by gastric acid
  • Not affected by vegetable acid and oxalic acid in food
  • Bioactive calcium, does not precipitate, avoid calculus stones
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